Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Monday, August 26, 2013

Wind Chimes made from recycled items

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Crocheted scrap yarn GIANT blanket

I have this habit of buying yarn at yard sales and rummage sales. I really have to stop I took all the blues and greys and crocheted them into this giant blanket. It covers a cal king!

Moxie enjoys lots of pillows!

Recycled Plastic card quilt

Been working on this for a while now. Its made out of recycled credit cards, hotel key cards and gift cards. The frame is a mattress spring from my kids crib which we bought 30 years ago. It has been used as a pea trellis in the garden. I cut the cards in half so they would fit into the spaces. Drilled holes in each end and wired them to the frame. Took me a while because my fingers would get raw from twisting the wire. I just love it!

                                    I added a copper pipe frame to it to make it easier to handle
                                          so I could enter it into the Marin County Fair.

                                                       Here it is on display at the Marin County Fair

                                                      I named it "Same as it ever was"

                                        And here in the center is my other recycled plastic piece I entered.

                                   This ones called  "And she could hear the highway breathing"

Shopping bags made from Fabric Sample Books

I have been making a bunch of these. Love having pretty bags for shopping.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


been a bit busy with our four new chicks. Building them a new coop run and nesting boxes. Today I hung some art in their coop. Truly the walls in my house are a bit full and anywhere I find a blank wall I must hang art!
This Edina, she is the friendliest chicken I have ever known. She comes and sits on my lap every time I visit the coop. You can see the produce labels I hung on the wall.
Still have to lay the stepping stone patio in front of the chicken coop.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Pillow cover for huge down pillow

Years ago when my first child was born we were given a down feather bed for a baby. I have had this thing tucked away in an old trunk. I just gave away the trunk and had this huge, 30 x 30 inch down pillow with no place to belong. It is red. It is so soft and fluffy I figured I should make a pillow case for it. I dug through my fabric hoard and found this piece of remnant that I love. 

Of course there wasn't enough of it to cover both side of the pillow but situations like this spark my creativity. The next day I was responding to an email about a quilt show a friend was at and I mentioned I had bought a piece of red work on ebay thinking I could use it to finish an old red work quilt top I inherited that was made in 1886. The fabric wasn't a good match as it wasn't over 100 years old and the quilt top is so I put the small red work away thinking I would find something to do with it.

I thought the red work and the red berries in this fabric would be a nice match. I spread it out and once again there wasn't enough fabric to entirely cover one side of my giant pillow. I dug into my box of trim thinking I could patchwork pieces until I get it bigger. I found a light blue stack of fat quarters
and some red seam binding. I made some red piping and found a blue 20 inch zipper.

Here is the finished giant fluffy pillow! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Bird Bath

I saw a lamp at goodwill that was the color of terra cotta. I have several flower pot trays in the same color and thought what a great bird bath I cold make with that.

Here is the lamp.


And here is the bird bath

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Grape vine basket

I have a few very young grape vines n my garden. One red flame, one Thompsons, and 5 Pinot babies that produced enough grapes last year to make a batch of Pinot Jelly. In January I trimmed them all back and had enough to make this cute grape vine basket. I had to add in some wicker and then I dyed it a dark brown to match the grape vines.

Pillow made from a recycled coffee bean bag. Has a beautiful print of Lahaina.

Photo Quilling in an acrylic frame. I have been going through my old photos. Getting rid of all the bad ones. I still have way too many good ones.

Photo mosaic... not what you think

This is a window I made by gluing rolled up strips of old photos and glass cabochons onto a glass window. Took me several days to finish. rolling and gluing take time. Its hard to tell the paper from the glass in this ic. /there are not a lot of glass cabochons in this. There are some blue and purple.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Decoupage tile coasters

I made a bunch of these last year using some old Disneyland maps I found in my stash of maps. They sold pretty darn fast in my etsy shop. I then made one using some leftover scrap contact paper, they sold too but I got the weirdest neutral feedback from my customer saying the coasters were not water soluble. I should hope not! lol I was in Joannes looking at stuff and found a book of scrapbook papers that I thought would work great as decoupage on tile coasters. I Bought it. I am not into scrap booking, I take way too many photographs to scrapbook but the papers they have now are so pretty and you can do so many different things with them.

Here is the bunch of coasters I am working on now

Its cold but sunny so I was able to spray them with the clear acrylic sealer today. The tiles were rescued by me when I worked at the local high school. A pair of young men were taking them from an art class room to the dumpster, I said WAIT, put those in my car instead! lol