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Monday, January 7, 2013

Decoupage tile coasters

I made a bunch of these last year using some old Disneyland maps I found in my stash of maps. They sold pretty darn fast in my etsy shop. I then made one using some leftover scrap contact paper, they sold too but I got the weirdest neutral feedback from my customer saying the coasters were not water soluble. I should hope not! lol I was in Joannes looking at stuff and found a book of scrapbook papers that I thought would work great as decoupage on tile coasters. I Bought it. I am not into scrap booking, I take way too many photographs to scrapbook but the papers they have now are so pretty and you can do so many different things with them.

Here is the bunch of coasters I am working on now

Its cold but sunny so I was able to spray them with the clear acrylic sealer today. The tiles were rescued by me when I worked at the local high school. A pair of young men were taking them from an art class room to the dumpster, I said WAIT, put those in my car instead! lol