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Sunday, October 19, 2008

morning glory basket with dried Hydrangeas

another example of my tiny baskets

Saturday, October 18, 2008

creating stuff

I have over the years accumulated lots of "crafting" supplies. I am now trying to make stuff without having to buy more stuff. I think this forces me to be more creative. I have a friend who owns a nursery and she sells Christmas ornaments in her garden shop so I thought why not make garden theme ornaments that she can sell. I could also try and sell some on etsy. First thing I made was ornaments using these teeny tiny flowerpots that I picked up at a garage sale years ago.I got out my dried flowers, moss and my silk flowers. of course I am out of hot glue so I had to use elmers which I think is better anyway as it doesnt string. I laced ribbon through the hole in the bottom of the flower pots to create a loop to hang it with with a bow or knot under the flower pot stuffed moss inside them and then did arrangements with lavender, status and silk flowers glueing them in as I went along. I am thinking of redoing them all with hydrangeas instead because I just love the pale lime green and pink colors in a christmas tree. The second thing I made was baskets out of morning glory vines. I have been weaving baskets my whole life. I know several basket making techniques and these little guys are turning out wonderfully. they are small about 4 inches across and extremely light weight and the colors of the hydrangeas in them are just yummy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

death panther

death panther
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this band has been in the studio for years!

what a life

How do you know when you get to that place you have always wanted to get to. I am pretty sure I am there. My life is full, brimming over with things I love. These last six months since I last updated : ) I have been busy enjoying life. Everything I like to do I have done. I have heard lots of live music. Live music is something that fills my soul. NIN, the police, elvis costello, the b 52's, cyndi lauper, alkaline trio, the fratillis,elvin bishop, america, war, los lobos,and many many others and most recently "David Byrne....full to the brim and overflowing I am. I have also been traveling,I have seen the most beautiful place on earth Kauai. this time we did a helicopter tour. just gob-smacked! I went to PAX in Seattle with my two kids and their friends in aug and got to be a part of the geek world. funny how well I fit in I won a copy of the maw which really was the only game that looked to me to be MY kind of game.I also won a statue of the maw. Hubby and I did a cruise to Mexico in sept/oct.I feel like we drank our way south and We did some snorkeling trips, which I loved. We won a bunch of art and other prizes from the art auction, plus of cours we bought some more art too...I know what was I thinking? I also have been to my share of Live theater these last few months, sigh it is another thing that fills me. Darren Bridgett, who performs locally OFTEN was amazing in much ado about nothing. What a joy. We saw amadaus, a winters tale, the drowsy chaperone, franky and Johnny and then the best of all Spring awakening finally. I knew I would love it. music, entertainment, family and friends to fill me up. We had a party for my husbands 50th birthday. So much fun with all our friends,lots of laughs. My netflix have been gathering dust.too busy to watch movies. My garden has been happy too. We have had some wonderful tomatoes this summer. Having a vegetable garden sure helps me be a good cook. Life is good. David Byrne is even better. We saw him in SanFrancisco. What a night. His music is the score for my generation. At first the audience sat politely in the very nice davies symphony hall but at the end of houses in motion most people were up on their feet. I absolutely loved his dancers, and the back up singers and rest of the band joining in the choreography was Brilliant. His encore was over the top with the extra action marching band (who I keep on calling the easy access marching took a video and put it up on youtube...we saw him again in Santa Rosa. We joked about how he seems to enjoy doing things on the road and we bet he was going to go hiking in Marin... I mean how can you NOT. I was happy to read in his blog that he did indeed go hiking in marin,along with bike riding and eating at my favorite spot the pelican inn. I have been continuing along with my photography,spending hours organizing and uploading to flickr. We have had many people visit us this summer.Lots of evenings sitting in the garden drinking good wine eating good homegrown food. Now if we can just get through this election, and past this market slump, things will continue to be good. I already voted. I HOPE this election brings CHANGE : )

David Byrne