Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Argh vegas… lets just say that I enjoyed myself while Jim was at his conference. I saw a Picasso ceramics exhibit and visited the Guggenheim at the Venetian. I also saw the titanic exhibit. We saw LOVE the cirque de sole based on the Beatles music. It was wonderful, I felt like that flash back I was warned about finally kicked in. Octopus garden was fantastic, We had great seats. It was Jims Birthday and he made reservations for peter and inger to join us for dinner even though they didn’t want to pay the ticket prices to see the show afterwards. The next night we saw momma mia with peter and inger and then we went to the house of blues for a late dinner which was real fun. The third night I had bought tickets to see the producers but the show was canceled justminutes before curtain time…argh!!! Jim and I did have a great dinner ALONE at Paris. One of the major differences between Jim and I is he needs LOTS of attention and I don’t need any. He prefers having lots of people around and I prefer to be alone. I am not anti social or rude, I know how to have fun but there are times when a nice quiet dinner in a good place should be enjoyed by just two. Our last night there we made dinner reservations at areole we decided to do the tasting menu and I regret that I didn’t go for the wine paring. Jim ordered a Riesling. The food was wonderful, the wine, was not my choice. Worst thing that happened in Vegas, I was hit as I made a left turn on a green arrow by a woman coming the other direction who turned right on a red light… my first accident. sigh

Palm Desert

Sept 23
Last night we went out to dinner at moms fav place, black angus, it was alright but the drinks were sweet. Mom and dad crack me up in restaurants. I don’t think Mom reads the menu she justs asks for whatever it was she had the last time and then she asks the waitress if she has a coupon in her pocket they can use, Jim pulled out a 20and said here’s your I ate a salad with beef again…lol it was good but the tomatoes were not real, they were those fake things we are forced to eat in winter. We came home and hit the sack. I was tired

This morning Jim and I had to go meet greg the leasing agent. The meeting went well, he is a nice guy, can see doing work with him for the next few years. We then went on a hunt for jamba juice and finally found a juice place the drink was a bit sweet… but still it was breakfast, Jim dropped me off at the top of the cove in La Quinta and I hiked up and over and then down, I went way too far, past where I was going to meet him so he had to drive around and find me,,lol it was my first time hiking up there but if we ever move here, I plan on hiking up there every day. We came home and I went out shopping with mom, I scored big time, went to steinmart, such fun! I also bought Jim some fricking awesome b day gifts. I have always loved shopping down here. After we got home Jim and I went to the pool and swam, sure felt good to swim and lay in the sun. I fell asleep. Oh last night I drempt that Yoshi met a guy named zach who was fun, cute and piratey…he ended up spending the night with her…too funny

Thursday, October 4, 2007

start of road trip

Sat, sept 22
We spent the night at harris ranch last night, When we got back from dinner I had to check and see if there was wi fi, and there was so I quickly got on line and read my email, there were 20 e mails after not getting more than 5 in a day for the last week I managed to get 20 in just 3 hours. So I started reading, Jim climbed into bed and all of a sudden I remembered Ross Mathews was going to be on the tonight show so I quickly grabbed the remote control and turned on the tv that part is easy but then it gave me a menu, so I clicked on guide and was given all kinds of options like video games, movies, tv on demand OMG I just wanted regular tv and NOW damn it! Finally I see in tiny print to acces regular tv press the arrow keys which I did and did and did and then I looked at the remote and found another set of arrow keys…argh!! It was 11:48 and I figured he would be on early in the show, I finally get it on and there he is!!! OMG and the segment is half way done!!! OMG I missed it, Jim grumbled but I just stood right in front of the tv and watched,,, can I just say that Ross Mathews is the funniest, quickest witted guy ever and adorable to boot! I just laughed my head off. After it was over I turned off the tv and tried to sleep, it was hard with the overwhelming smell in the room, we couldn’t quite figure out what the smell was, like the carpets had been cleaned or something, turns out the room is furnished with all new furniture and that’s where the smell is coming from.
We get on the road, and follow my route (you have no idea how happy that makes me) I used the new google map travel thingie which is great. We went down 5 and climbed the grapevine and it started to rain, we took a left at Gorman and drove to yucca city. I love this way and we flew. It was raining pretty hard when we went over the pass matter of fact we could hardly see the road, I was so glad I wasn’t driving. driving through LA that way so we only nicked san Bernardino is the fastest way to get through that mess. I don’t have wi fi here at mom and dads although there are several airports that show up but they all need a password, hate that even though I do it too now. I wouldn’t mind but my neighbor was stealing my bandwidth and there are too many computers in my house to share with some idiot who actually named their computer fuck you, if they had a nicer name maybe I wouldn’t have made my wifi password restricted, Jim has gone to meet the new tenets at both places.