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Friday, March 28, 2008


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her last visit to the beach

Thursday, March 20, 2008

the Beatles

I was born at the end of 1959. My sisters, five and six years older than me loved the beatles and listened to their music. It was a part of my life. I remember the stacks of albums,and looking at the art and photography, soaking in every detail trying to figure out who the people on the cover of sergeant peppers lonely hearts club band were, I knew Shirley temple and marylin monroe, . I played lots of hooky from school often Mom would need to run errands and I would get to be alone at home and my alone time would turn into music time, We could stack several albums onto the turntable and lay under the piano where the stereo was perfect. A beatles album or two would always get played along with anything else that caught my eye. My parents didnt listen to rock and roll. Mom is a classically trained pianist so their music collection was quite straight. Dad Loved vicki Car, they did like dixie land jazz, herb albert, and of course broadway musicals .. The beatles to me were so cool, why dont we do it in the road had to be the nastiest thing I had ever heard and I remember one my sisters yeling along as she listened to it. It was liberating. The beatles broke up when I was 10. Later on I bought my own albums,starting with Elton Johns goodbye yellow brick road, and moving on to my all time favorite, Pink Floyd. The beatles were gone. John Lennin was killed the year I got married. I dont think I understood him at all then. I really didnt know anything more than what my young mind imagined from looking at the album art as a kid. There has been something in the air these last few years. another beatle mania of sorts. Last fall we were in Las Vegas. I love to see shows, and after doing a bit of research I decided the best show in vegas was LOVE the Cirque du Soleil show.. Well it was amazing. It was that acid flashback I had been waiting for all my adult life. Of course over the years I have sung along to all the beatles music, the words were always easy to hear but i dont know if I really thought about all the meanings or how beautifully the music was written. Walking out of that theater, they play all you need is love and everyone sings along. It hit me pretty hard, this music is part of humanity. Here we are among hundreds of people from all over the world and they are all singing along. A few weeks later we saw across the universe, a beautiful movie by Julia Taymor. The movie was perfection, Beatles music, beautifully sung and glowingly illustrated to tell a story in this fantastic movie. So beautiful. It made me want more. I just finished watching the beatles anthology. It was fascinating. made me ache, made me smile. made me miss George Harrison, and John Lennin. Made me want to listen to more music. Such a privilege to see these old interviews, to see a time line of the beatles and to see them being creative. but most of all I was struck by how much good music they made and so happy that I can still listen to it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Recently a friend started a food blog. She talks about nutrition and actually takes photos of what she eats and posts them every day. She has gone on to lose 12 lbs in the last few months. When I first heard of this blog I thought wow how brave to photo everything she eats and post it, imagining 20 pictures of a binge eating weekend full of images of small groups of gummy bears adding up to a five lb bag. But my friend hasnt had any slips. She ate a chocolate truffle at a garden show and I think that is the only treat she has allowed. I struggle with my weight... actually physically I struggle. tying shoes can be a bitch. I am not a couch potato. I am active. I hike and I garden. I eat healthy foods,I love vegies and grow them year round. use 2 % milk in my coffee,(blecch) I regularly start my day with fat free plain yogurt and fresh berries. I dont eat fried foods or refined carbs, I dont eat candy (unless you count the box of sees I hid in the linen closet last week) My biggest problem is I dont like to be hungry and I dont want to deprive myself of food that tastes good. I want to be able to eat like a skinny person, believe me I have watched how those bitchs eat. " I dont have to worry about getting fat, I can eat whatever I want" meanwhile I am eating my fresh veggies fruits and whole grains, lean meats/fish and non or low fat dairy.....When we were in hawaii a few weeks ago,I was going to act like it was a SPA vacation.... I gained 4 pounds... I ate non fat plain yogurt with berries and banana for breakfast every day, had a salad for lunch every day and had grilled or raw fish for dinner with veggies every night. I avoided the macadamia nuts, coconut anything, bread in any form including the banana bread and i didnt have any desert. I guess I should have avoided the mai tais too. I believe I am healthy. My dr says I am not. I feel stronger and physically more capable now than I did in my 20s when I weighed what my dr would say is a healthy weight for someone of my height. I can climb hills without needing to stop to catch my breath like I used to when I was skinny. I have never let my weight stop me from living my life. I am not ashamed to wear a bathing suit in public. I know I feel better about myself than most skinny women who see endless flaws in themselves. but damn it,,,, i want a smaller number to show up on that scale.

Monday, March 10, 2008


I am about half way through the beatles anthology. I am enjoying going back through time, listening to music of my youth, bemoaning the fact that I dont own all the music I once did. I have abby road and the white album on my itunes. and thats it! I have lots of lennon and the mcCarthy stuff that was released to itunes... contemplating going out and buying cds (ugh)to complete my library or even downloading them illegally reasoning that I have already bought the record albums, 8 tracks, cassettes, over the years....and what do I find? this morning I found this article I just have to waIT A LITTLE LONGER AND RUBBER SOUL WILL BE MINE,...AGAIN Been a wonderful few months, did a week in mexico, and another in Maui...we were flooded once again, and survived. I am working in the garden starting veggie seeds and pulling weeds. Saw George Carlin last week and sometime last month we saw MIKA who was so much fun here is a lill bit of hawaii