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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Man do I love WREATHS

I have always loved making wreaths. I have tried every way possible. Creating my own wire forms, Using store bought wire forms, straw forms, Styrofoam forms, grapevine forms. I even made one out of an old bike tire once. I have made some real nice wreath forms using pool noodles from the dollar store!I have made dozens by twining grapevines around themselves, doing floral wreaths using florist tape, using evergreens held together with florist wire. I have glued all sorts of things to these wreath forms using all sorts of glue.  Long before I ever owned a glue gun I would use elmers and wait days! I have made wreaths using every day items and special items. They are a great way to showcase collections. Do you collect Christmas ornaments? adding all of one theme to a wreath is an adorable way to share them. A wreath of Tinkerbell ornaments, a wreath of Amy Brown Fairies, a wreath of small booze bottles lol heck anything can be made into a wreath. I once made a wreath using small toys my kids had collected over the years. One of my favorite wreaths was a grapevine I made into a wreath. It still had grapes on it and the birds loved it. I have one I made using all the sea shells my family and I had collected over the years. We have one that is made out of rocks! all sorts of rocks from all over the world.  I usually have a few wreaths in my etsy shop.

Of course I have cork wreaths.

and I have a bottle cap wreath that weighs about 8 lbs

I have this beautiful fall colored acrylic crystal wreath

and my most recent endeavor BUTTON WREATHS!

 Here is an all white one

 a smaller vintage multicolored one
 and  a HUGE 16 inches wide covered on both sides wreath