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Friday, June 29, 2007

June 29th

Today is a big day for many. June 29th, Sicko comes out, the iphone comes out and Jim and I get to go to a concert! I would love to go see sicko the day of its opening but concerts are better. I have always loved Michael Moores work since roger and me. I hated the back lash after 9/11. I remember my parents started saying all kinds of crap, actually I think it was bowling for columbine that they didnt like. that was before I understood the fox bran washing and dirt slinging on anyone who dares to not follow. So far the reviews on sicko look like pretty much everyone loves it,,,just wait for the twisting and slinging... the iphone...sigh, itis a sexy number, so shinny and smart and hot..but alas I cannot convince myself that I NEED one. sure it is amazing and it can do anything, jay leno joked it can even trim your nose hair, but, I use my cell phone maybe once a day. I have a brand new 30 gb i pod with plenty of room for my need for music, my cute lill ibook is portable enough for me when I am not in my house. Maybe if I needed the convenience of a iphone due to my work (i dont work) I could convince myself to buy one. I do think it would be great for traveling. still there are things I dont know about it. I guess you can upload pics from a camera directly to it, which would be helpful on those vacations where I take a ton of pics... I dont know how much storrage it has, it better be a lot, how large an ipod storage is there, I did try to watch the demo video but halfway up and shut my puter...oops.anyway I am very excited about the iphone not because I want one but because I just love the interface and see that leaking into other areas of tech. Jim and I go to the true colors concert tonight! it should be a blast. I made him a cd of some of the music that we will hear, just so he isnt so green. I remember years ago we tried to see blondie but the tickets were sold out...rumors of Rosie O donnell being there, cant wait to see. I would love it if she was. I have always loved her and just dont get peoples hatred. I think it is all those Christians who turned on her when she came out. Everything she does gets twisted around by these hateful people. It is amazing, you know if she was a hot skinny bombshell straight woman, she wouldnt be getting any of this b.s. Our country hates anyone who stands up and trues to go against the flow. The more hatred I see coming from Christians the more I dont believe in anything they say. It is amazing to me how many people just believe because they are told that if they dont they will burn in hell...the biggest bribe in history.
My migraine is gone, yeah so maybe I will get something done around here today. I have some daylilies to move to the front garden, my onions have been harvested and they are so freaking beautiful! I still havent finished my table, need tobuy somekind of wood sealer for it. It is so nice...oops I used a dead word. Well I am off to be mom the taxi.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Nice weekend, went to the days of wine and roses at Mantanza creek winery. It was a nice day, the sun was out and the wine was good. The trees were decorated with umbrellas tied with ribbons and bunches of lavenderThey had a wonderful tasty spread, grilled lamb, yogurt cucumber dressing, several salads. I took a bunch of pictures, duh, they are up on my flickr. Today was my favorite day of the week ... I usually get something done on Mondays. I picked up my new glasses, very cool, stopped at Target and bought several more lavender plants. My garden is at its peak right now, If I blink I miss something, the Cherrys and Blueberries all were stolen by the birds. the plums and apricots are just now ripe. I gorged myself on apricots for breakfast. I dont know what to do with the plums, dont want to make more jelly , I never use it. We had fried zucchini tonight, the italian style where you slice it thin and fry it in olive oil drain and salt,,, so fricking good. We are still getting tons of lettuce, and peas and have had a few cukes. I maDE A NICE SALAD AND TOSSED A HAND FULL OF THOSE WONDERFUL OREGON SUGAR POD PEAS ... I noticed the peppers are coming along as are the tomatoes. I love having a garden full of fresh produce. It is so much easier for me to go into the garden to figure out whats for dinner than to go into a grocery store. I planted 12 lavender plants around the garden today. I want every sunny spot with room to have one. The tickets for the true colors concert arrived today. I feel like I am doing a whole retro music thing this last month. The police, Roger waters, and now Debbie Harry and Cindy and the fair is having pat benitar and kc and the sunshine band along with the whalers and the village people....too much, it is like having all those 8 tracks back....actually I never had any village people....and my kc and the sunshine band was vinyl lol I have some netflix to watch, Jim will get bored though ...good neighbors the old bbc show.... ghad I love that!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

laying low

After tuesday nights concert, I kind of just hung out doing nothing all week. Watered the garden, ate popsicles I uploaded all of Yoshis pictures onto my computer, and then she couldnt get them to upload on hers OMG I thought I had done something but turns out it wasnt me. meanwhile I burned all her images onto cds took fricking four cds! just in case she couldnt get her camera to upload onto her computer. Her memory card is HUGE.I uploaded them onto flickr, made sure to title them all with these pics were taken by my daughter. I found the guy who was sitting behind us at the concert on too funny. I have a crush on Dave Kilminster, the guitarist for Roger Waters. Now my fantasy is to see him play with David Gilmore... he copied his playing and singing flawlessly. I am thinking of making a poster of the concert. I do love the mosaic look to these. The pic today is the mock up that I had dpne.Not sure if this is the final product or not. I need to tweek my pics more maybe use less than 500 Jim and I are heading out to the Mantanza Creek winery today. They are having a wine tasting party, should be some good music there. I am bringing my camera...surprise. I was told by someone this week that I take a lot of if that was a bad thing....sigh well life is too short not to document every last beautiful second

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Roger Waters

I am exhausted today. I spent the best night of my life last night. We went to see Roger Waters and this time we had real good seats. I tell you it was the best live entertainment I have ever seen. I am exhausted. Yoshi snuck her camera in and took over 1,000 photos (thats my girl) and I have edited them down to 500 so It takes I have a new crush on this guitar player, Dave Kilminster. He is the best guitarist I have ever heard. Yoshi must have liked him too because she took hundreds of pictures of him. We had so much fun. Roger waters is very political and he whipped the crowd into showing their suport. They flew an astronaut in a space suit over the crowd and of course the giant inflatable pig made its trip around. it said "torture shames us all, all religions divide, impeach bush, habeus corpus matters, fear builds walls". same thing it said last The sound was fantastic, the lights, the film projection, pyrotechnics, confeti, laser through the prism creating a rainbow--just wow. The crowd was once again so happy and friendly. I tell you it feels so great to get out there and see what people really are feeling.Tv has it all wrong folks.There is no church, religion, cult, club, or organization on earth that can even come close to what this music means to me. Sure was awesome to see and hear so many other people who you could tell felt the same way. I think about all the people around the world who will see this tour. Music truly is universal. Peace out...

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Stupid me didnt think I could bring my camera so I spent the whole night making up fake compositions in my head. This is a picture I found on flicker and wow it sure is a pretty one. No way I could have ever taken this we were as far away from the stage as 50 bucks can get you. It was really a fun concert. Much more fun than watching my youngest child graduate from Highschool..which we and she blew the old fart in me came out. First of all I dont get why people dont listen to the music... I was totally into the zone digging the colors of the light show and sounds and was interrupted dozens of times by people walking past my seat... whats with that? We also ended up with a group of young women sitting behind us who talked the whole time...I mean they didnt shut up the whole concert. All five of them talked at once on their cell phones and to eachother.Yoshi says they are people who go to concerts just so they can say they went to a concert. Yoshi was pleasantly surprised by the opening bands although it was obvious the sound system didnt do them any favors. One was fictionplane which stings son is in...and you could tell, his voice was just like daddys. the other was something that rhymes with the kellies. I will find out because.. eh hem apparently I downloaded their latest album last night...I have to get that child of mine to create her own itunes account.I want some other old favs to I missed out on a lot of rock and roll during the lean years when I was home changing diapers....OHH I am so excited... Spring awakening is coming to SanFrancisco!!!!!!! It is hot today, need to go jump in the pool, my poor garden is wilted


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's freaking Wednesday!

Morning, we are having our perfect weather. Last night was warm enough to eat outdoors. We were the last ones at Las Gutairas, Had a nice night. Drank too many margaritas though and woke up at 4:00 needing WATER. They do make good ones there and you just dont want to stop sucking them I made yoshi watch all the performances from the tony's I need to see spring awakening. The music is out of this world, so different from the usual broadway formula. I am debating weather or not to go ahead and buy the tickets now or to try and get discount ones the day of... Still havent watched cathy Grifins latest show have it on dvr for later. I finally painted my front door but it needs a second coat. I just cant do it until it cools down though because it makes the house too hot to leave the door open. I bought 6 more lavender plants and plan on eventually edging every path with them. Today is Yoshis Graduation (sort of) she actually graduated in Dec. tonight is her ceremony but we are going to take her to see the police the picture I have included today is one of my favorite from the italian street painting festival...loved how this boy was just standing there staring into the have to see if I can add links here. these are the funniest videos EVER involving the great Johnny Depp.... I am off into the garden to plant some things that have been waiting way too long.....

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Downy woodpecker

I found a woodpecker in the garden today. Poor thing was acting all weird, hanging sideways on the plum tree and later he was under the bench pecking away on the leg, I walked towards him and he took off hopping along the ground and Jack tried to grab him, and the bird ran through the lettuce patch. I put jack in the house and went looking for the baby woodpecker but it disappeared. I watered the garden, painted my cement leaves and then I heard it pecking on the table again, poor thing was not going to get any food pecking at the table leg so I grabbed it, put it in my cat carrier, called wild care and Yoshi and I took him down. they said he was a juvenile, and something was wrong with his wing. They also asked if I would want to release him and seeing as my garden is a natural habitat I said yes! I didnt see or hear any of the parents although I did just hear one so I am not sure the nest is in my garden.

Sat Morning

Morning! Siting here in bed with my laptop and my tall iced coffee. Just about to go outside and get watering. I have a whole station that isnt being watered anymore, need to call my brother about that. Beautiful day! Jim is down south clearing out our house so we can try renting it again,,, we have had some bad luck with tenets but we know we will eventually get someone in there who will love the place as much as we do. I am going to re work my shade cloth cover for my lettuce bed which is just pumping out the yummie salads! I will also work on removing the paint from my redwood table and maybe even paint the front door now that our cat who scratched it to shreds has moved in with another family (why cant Nimbus do that too?) There are several art things going on this weekend and I will go to the italiaN STREET PAINTING FESTIVAL IN SAN RAFAEL. I JUT GO NUTS TAKING PICS THERE AND THIS YEAR I HAVE SOME IDEAS TO USE THE PHOTOS FOR SOME ART...HMMMM shit caps...Already read all my e mail, and sent a bunch too. Last night I went to Rosies site and watched her talkie blog with Ross... I just love them both! I realize now that my whole life, the entertainment I love the most is real people just talking about nothing. I am so sick of scripted stuff I just cant listen to it....bad acting ...bad writing... argh!!!! The Alex Bennett show, back in the day, fresh non scripted interesting and funny, even when I loved watching regis filbin when he had a dumb ass show on lifetime, it was because he was real ad-lib....thats why I liked the rosie o donnell show and why I liked her on the view and it is also why I LOVE to watch stupid video blogs...real people talking about real stuff...sigh Time for me to cook breakfast... omelet with avocado, btw I am addicted to lolcats

Friday, June 8, 2007


morning, Still in bed, drinking my coffee. It is quiet outside, just a few birds tweeting away. No more mockingbirds. We had a pair that decided to build a nest in the arbor that is on the patio. We saw everything, Yoshi took pics of them building their nests. We stood in the kitchen and watched them every day for weeks, they built the nest, and then the male stood guard from the neighbors antenna (still dont know why he has an antenna when he has satellite) We watched until we saw the parents feeding their young, we watched as they dive bombed anything that was a threat, the dogs the cat, me..... and we watched as the young buggers decided the jump out of the nest way too soon, I picked them up from the garden and put them back in their nest, the winds came and the babiescouldnt sit still, they popped out of the nest and were blown off the arbor.The parents became frantic and spent days screaming at anyone who stepped into the garden. The babies couldnt fly and just ran nilly willy across the yard. After putting them back into the nest several times I gave up. I saw one be taken by other birds. Jim found one he thinks maybe the dogs killed. I just dont understand how any birds can survive and I sure wish they had built their nest where I didnt have to see what was going on with them every day. meanwhile I now have a sign for my garden stating that it is a wildlife habitat. We have towhees nesting and a pair of house finches, hopefully these two pairs can raise some babies.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

New blog

I have been frustrated by my lack of control over my blog on Yahoo due to my using a cute i book, and Yahoo not having a text tool bar available to me on my cute i book. My pc is ill, and my son is too busy to rebuild it again... So google Please be the one for me. Ahhh I am going through Rosie withdrawal. I have tried to watch the view but I just cant sit there. Yesterday was the last straw, hearing an adult woman say she doesn't believe in evolution... I was gob-smacked. Tried getting my fix from Rosies blog but it looks like she is taking a break, Did my usual dog walk this morning,I took the dogs for the three mile walk on the levees. We saw lots of geese, ducks and even a few pelicans. Moxie has become a bird huntress and a real pesky one at that. she ignored me when I called her, she was at the waters edge thinking about going after some birds, I called her and shse looked at me and continued to go in the opposite direction.,,,,OMG want to piss mommy off? thats exactly how to do it. so I had to put her back on her leash, gave her the evil eye too (I am so mean). We had a nice walk and I collected some geese feathers for my friend. I will send her a box full of bones and feathers and what not for her indian art. it is going to be a beautiful day blue skys sun and NO WIND!!!!! I hate to be a picky princess but I am. I just love beautiful Northern California weather when it is perfect. I become a terrible bitch when it is windy and I cant go sit in the garden and do some reading. which reminds me, I finished the god delusion yesterday, Lots of good stuff in there.... Scott and Mandy moved in together last weekend, well I mean they got a place of their own last weekend. I am so happy and excited for them! but already people are pestering me about them getting married... I just dont get it, they have been together for over 5 years and now because they are not living with us or Mandys parents everyone is asking if they will be married soon... whats with that? and while I am complaining about other people sticking their noses in my business now that my daughter is 18 and is talking about getting a tattoo I am getting all kinds of advice about how I should tell her this and that and try to stop her. She is 18 and is an adult and she also is a very smart person, can easily see repercussions and has decided that this is something that she wants to do... so why is everyone on me? She isnt going to get her face tattooed or a stupid tramp stamp......its 11:30, cant wait for lunch time, I am going to Tommys for some fish tacos, been craving them all morning. alright now let me see what I can do here