Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Monday, March 25, 2013

Pillow cover for huge down pillow

Years ago when my first child was born we were given a down feather bed for a baby. I have had this thing tucked away in an old trunk. I just gave away the trunk and had this huge, 30 x 30 inch down pillow with no place to belong. It is red. It is so soft and fluffy I figured I should make a pillow case for it. I dug through my fabric hoard and found this piece of remnant that I love. 

Of course there wasn't enough of it to cover both side of the pillow but situations like this spark my creativity. The next day I was responding to an email about a quilt show a friend was at and I mentioned I had bought a piece of red work on ebay thinking I could use it to finish an old red work quilt top I inherited that was made in 1886. The fabric wasn't a good match as it wasn't over 100 years old and the quilt top is so I put the small red work away thinking I would find something to do with it.

I thought the red work and the red berries in this fabric would be a nice match. I spread it out and once again there wasn't enough fabric to entirely cover one side of my giant pillow. I dug into my box of trim thinking I could patchwork pieces until I get it bigger. I found a light blue stack of fat quarters
and some red seam binding. I made some red piping and found a blue 20 inch zipper.

Here is the finished giant fluffy pillow! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Bird Bath

I saw a lamp at goodwill that was the color of terra cotta. I have several flower pot trays in the same color and thought what a great bird bath I cold make with that.

Here is the lamp.


And here is the bird bath

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Grape vine basket

I have a few very young grape vines n my garden. One red flame, one Thompsons, and 5 Pinot babies that produced enough grapes last year to make a batch of Pinot Jelly. In January I trimmed them all back and had enough to make this cute grape vine basket. I had to add in some wicker and then I dyed it a dark brown to match the grape vines.

Pillow made from a recycled coffee bean bag. Has a beautiful print of Lahaina.

Photo Quilling in an acrylic frame. I have been going through my old photos. Getting rid of all the bad ones. I still have way too many good ones.

Photo mosaic... not what you think

This is a window I made by gluing rolled up strips of old photos and glass cabochons onto a glass window. Took me several days to finish. rolling and gluing take time. Its hard to tell the paper from the glass in this ic. /there are not a lot of glass cabochons in this. There are some blue and purple.