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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My garden has a vole, most likely more than one. How do I know? I had one run up my arm! My lill terrier Jack saw something in a brush pile. Wanting his life to be full of adventure, I grabbed hold of one of the larger branches at the base of this pile and gave it a little jiggle enticing Jack into frenzied excitement as he burrowed deep under this brush pile, barking and whining. I guess the joke was on me. I was squatting there, laughing at jack and encouraging him to "get it " when this little brown thing ran out of the pile, using the branch that I was holding onto as his lill super highway , he ran right up my arm. YIKES I stood up, spun around causing it to just run right off me, and I uttered some sound like ohhwahh. It was so fast I couldnt even really see it. It was dark brown and didnt have a tail like a mouse or rat. Late last night I googled "vole", just on a hunch and omg thats what this was. Now I have to figure a way to convince this guy and his most likely rapidly increasing family to move out of my garden or die. My folks are in town so we will go have lunch somewhere nice and just visit. No vole hunting today. In my google quest I learned about the kind of damage these guys can do, none of which I have seen yet. No burrows, no chewing of bark on trees but I have had a few dahlias disappear and they were right in line with the pond and this brush pile. My dogs have been acting like there is something around the fish pond which is in a direct line with this brush pile, which believe me will be turned into wood chips asap. I have naked ladies all around the greenhouse (amyrillis belladonna) and they lay over creating a perfect tunnel for these voles to get into my garden.the next bed has daylillies which also make perfect tunnels for these guys to run through. My plan is to clear away these leaves that hang, making their hidden tunnel visible so my dogs who are terriers and hunters can eradicate these critters for me.

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