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Saturday, October 18, 2008

creating stuff

I have over the years accumulated lots of "crafting" supplies. I am now trying to make stuff without having to buy more stuff. I think this forces me to be more creative. I have a friend who owns a nursery and she sells Christmas ornaments in her garden shop so I thought why not make garden theme ornaments that she can sell. I could also try and sell some on etsy. First thing I made was ornaments using these teeny tiny flowerpots that I picked up at a garage sale years ago.I got out my dried flowers, moss and my silk flowers. of course I am out of hot glue so I had to use elmers which I think is better anyway as it doesnt string. I laced ribbon through the hole in the bottom of the flower pots to create a loop to hang it with with a bow or knot under the flower pot stuffed moss inside them and then did arrangements with lavender, status and silk flowers glueing them in as I went along. I am thinking of redoing them all with hydrangeas instead because I just love the pale lime green and pink colors in a christmas tree. The second thing I made was baskets out of morning glory vines. I have been weaving baskets my whole life. I know several basket making techniques and these little guys are turning out wonderfully. they are small about 4 inches across and extremely light weight and the colors of the hydrangeas in them are just yummy.

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