Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Life is all about editing.... every day I run a list of things to do through my head, it is a long list. I edit it down to the basics for survival. food, shelter,water. I add in things I want to do,reading, playing, learning, and things that need to be done, cleaning, gardening,gathering, organizing. It is all about editing. We have had several beautiful rare sunny January days which draws me outside where I see so many tasks begging my attention. January is rose pruning month in Northern California. This is not something that I can wait on. It needs to be done NOW. I edit my list, move prune roses to the top. After getting all 33 bushes trimmed. I notice Bermuda grass sitting around in my garden under the freshly trimmed rose bushes. It is trying to blend. I move that towards the top of my list. I sit in the sun, reading the seeds of change catalog. that is the top of my list for this moment. garden porn they should call it.....each page as another new to me photo of some beautifully exotic plant I must have.........I edit. My list for seeds gets longer and longer. I edit it down to what I know we eat,what I have grown successfully and what we buy at the grocery store. I have a small garden. I cant grow everything we eat. Vegetables and flowers have to earn a spot in my well edited garden.........editing...I edit my words, make it simple, make it true. I have thrown words onto my screen and gone back to edit, pruning and sniping until only a few words are left. does it make sense? did I leave in all the important words? did I remove all the misleading ones.

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