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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Maui to ban plastic bags

When I was visiting Maui in July I kept all plastic bags that came my way. I am making a basket out of my collection of bags from Maui. I just couldn't put them into the garbage on this paradise island. I figure if I don't throw them away at home why should I throw them away on Maui. On our adventures around the island we drove by the dump and there were hundreds of plastic bags blown by the wind into the trees that surround the dump. Really disgusting to think of how many of those bags were not caught and blew into the oceans where the beautiful green sea turtles and other sea life could easily mistake them for food. We were on top of Haleakala and a gust of wind blew a giant plastic bag out of a car. I ran after it grabbed it and was happy to see the woman who's car it had escaped from running up to me. She said I hate to see it blow into nature. I wish more people felt that way.

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