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Friday, February 10, 2012


It has been a busy winter. I have been happily working on my etsy shop, making orders and shipping them out as soon as possible. Thanksgiving came and went. We did a non traditional thanksgiving this year. We had a gathering of friends and family and we served appetizers and pie skipping the turkey and all the traditional trimmings. Of course we had tequila. It has become a tradition. Christmas also flew by. We had family and friends, homemade waffles, mimosas to start the day moving on to pots of soup and lots of appetizers along with tequila and cheep Chinese fireworks from chinatown. We played cards against humanity. We had a blast! My husband and I went to Maui for a week the end of January. I was thrilled to learn that they have banned the single use plastic bag from shops. I see a time coming along soon where I wont be able to weave baskets out of plastic bags. It is ok as my art comes from living in the moment. I have been very busy designing new items for my shop using recycled cork and moving on to recycled credit card and gift cards. I am very excited about this new direction and cant wait to get the items made, photographed and listed! I have been making necklaces, bracelets and earrings using cork and have some prototypes of necklaces I am making with my extensive stash of credit cards, gift cards and hotel key cards. I am in desperate need of corks though. I love personal collections more than the selections I get from local wineries because of the variety. If anyone has been saving their corks but don't know what to do with them I would gladly pay for shipping if you would like to donate them to me. Maybe we could work out a trade. I have lots of beads I am de stashing. If anyone is interested, Contact me at

here is one of my cork necklaces

One of my cork necklaces

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