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Monday, December 21, 2009

Painting the hall

About a month ago I got the idea to re paint my hallway. A friend had just done a remodel and she had a heck of a time deciding on paint colors. She asked me where she could dispose of all these paint samples and I said GIVE IT TO ME! I had all these tiny pots of paint in shades of green and blue and I decided that I could do some sort of mural in my hallway with it. I guess it was about 10 years ago when I last painted my hall. I had done a fantastic natural paint technique in my dinning room where I mixed cinnamon and curry powder with a left over white paint and painted my walls. It smelled so good ! They came out to be what was later called a Tuscan color and texture. I sponged it on, used a dry brush, and also used rags..I made a cute stencil of leaves and olives. This was way before everyone on earth was making and selling olive motifs . I still like my dinning room stencil. It is just one row of olive branches below the green chair rail on the Tuscan yellow walls. I used the same stencil to create cherries and cherry tree leaves all along my hall way. it was cute and I love the colors but it was time for a change.

oct 052
this is the before.

I painted the wall and ceiling a nice blue. I used my friends paint samples and painted circles in a very random pattern all over the walls.
here is the after.
dec 382

i also covered my switch plates with pages from magazines and packaging tape
dec 384

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AmongTheRuins said...

Oh my goodness, what neat ideas!!