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Sunday, October 18, 2009

new item

I am working on some recycled Jewelery. I love making my baskets out of recycled plastic bags but feel like no one is ever going to buy a basket. They make a great subject in a gallery or art show and I have no trouble using them but I don't see them being something anyone ever would search out and buy on etsy. I do want to have some sort of income from my creativity. I have been working the same basket weaving techniques into some simple jewelery. Here is a photo of some bangles I made using PLASTIC. the core is made out of three different sized pieces of plastic needle point canvas arranged to make a pleasing shape. The outer layer is made from strips of plastic cut from last years Disney store Christmas bags. I think they look fantastic. I will work and rework this idea until I perfect this idea and come up with something that looks sleek and elegant. My idea is to make treasure out of garbage, not more garbage out of garbage.

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