Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Friday, September 21, 2007

new york city

We were in New York city 2 weeks ago. Our first trip ever. We stayed at the hilton times square which was probably the most comfortable hotel room I have ever stayed in. the sheets were so soft, the room was large, a corner room with two large windows so we could look down on times square. New york is very warm colored, brick buildings, wooden water tanks on the rooftops, We saw curtains, staring david hyde pierce, what fun! the music was very reminiscent of the music man, very well done, bought the cd. We also saw chicago, the movie was very well done. Chicago wasnt my first choice but Jim bought the tickets and there really wasnt too much we haven't already seen or have tickets to see this season in sf. I love going over the list of shows and saying seen it seen it going to see We had a wonderful time, I took tons of pics,com/sarahracha. After three nights in New York city where we were only able to see the Guggenheim, so we need to go we drove to Philadelphia where we met my sister and saw the king tut exhibit. fantastic, the artistry just blows my mind. Then we drove on to Maryland where we stayed for two nights, We visited Harpers Ferry, and Baltimore where we saw the american visonary museum loved it.We also saw my brother in laws show at the delplane gallery in Fredrick. I really like his work. this is my condenced blog, I am not good at going back over things I did two weeks ago.

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