Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Monday, September 17, 2007

New York

Jim and I went to New York Labor day week. This was the first trip to New York for both of us. The reason for the trip began when a friend who lives "upstate" was talking in e mail about her new garden center. Her husband quit his job to help her with her dream and things sounded like they were coming along and she said she wished everyone could visit. Everyone meaning the 25 or so of us in the email group we call echat. we talk to each other every day sharing life stories, gardening woes etc. Jim was pestering me with ideas for a vacation and so I said lets do New York. I was able to get one other couple to come along too.Kath and Jerry from Ohio. We have been in this group for 10 years and some of us have met, some of us havent. Our trip began with a stay in Hyde park in a cute b&b run by students from the CIA. We flew the red eye,slept a bit but it seems to me the flight attendents area bit sadistic, offering beverages when you are just hitting rem. I had a chatty patty sitting in front of me and no matter how deeply I pushed my ear plugs into my skull, I could still hear him yammering away,also he was waving his arms in the spot light he needed on and it created a flickering light show that made me wish I had brought along one of those sets of eye covers. Still I do think I slept, I am getting better at sleeping on planes. We checked in to our b and b sat by the lake enjoyed the sun, freshened up and then headed to Victoria gardens in Rosendale.Vicky is a wonderful relaxed warm comfortable person who is so much more articulate than her communications by email. Some people dont write like they speak. The shop looked beautiful and I took lots of pictures. Jim and I headed off to lunch at this cute funky place called the birds nest. When we came back Kath and Jerry showed up. We hung out at the shop for a bit, did some shopping and then we went to a farm stand for corn and then on to Vickys house where we met her husband Wayne .The men hit it off instantly and there were lots of laughs. We ate a wonderful grilled dinner drank LOTS of wine, had a wonderful night. We drove back to our b and b and fell into bed.The next morning we met at a farmers market where I was shamed by the size of the tomatoes, I thought California grew the largest tomatoes.After the farmers market we went to brunch and then wandered around a flea market. Vicky ahd Wayne had a wedding to go to and Kath Jerry Jim and I went off to the hooley on the hudson where we hung out for the rest of the day and night drinking beer. It was fun to just hang out, hearing bag pipes, watching people. The next day we met for lunch at the birds nest where I discovered sea breezes, wow nummy .then we headed to New York ccity