Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Argh vegas… lets just say that I enjoyed myself while Jim was at his conference. I saw a Picasso ceramics exhibit and visited the Guggenheim at the Venetian. I also saw the titanic exhibit. We saw LOVE the cirque de sole based on the Beatles music. It was wonderful, I felt like that flash back I was warned about finally kicked in. Octopus garden was fantastic, We had great seats. It was Jims Birthday and he made reservations for peter and inger to join us for dinner even though they didn’t want to pay the ticket prices to see the show afterwards. The next night we saw momma mia with peter and inger and then we went to the house of blues for a late dinner which was real fun. The third night I had bought tickets to see the producers but the show was canceled justminutes before curtain time…argh!!! Jim and I did have a great dinner ALONE at Paris. One of the major differences between Jim and I is he needs LOTS of attention and I don’t need any. He prefers having lots of people around and I prefer to be alone. I am not anti social or rude, I know how to have fun but there are times when a nice quiet dinner in a good place should be enjoyed by just two. Our last night there we made dinner reservations at areole we decided to do the tasting menu and I regret that I didn’t go for the wine paring. Jim ordered a Riesling. The food was wonderful, the wine, was not my choice. Worst thing that happened in Vegas, I was hit as I made a left turn on a green arrow by a woman coming the other direction who turned right on a red light… my first accident. sigh

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