Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Palm Desert

Sept 23
Last night we went out to dinner at moms fav place, black angus, it was alright but the drinks were sweet. Mom and dad crack me up in restaurants. I don’t think Mom reads the menu she justs asks for whatever it was she had the last time and then she asks the waitress if she has a coupon in her pocket they can use, Jim pulled out a 20and said here’s your I ate a salad with beef again…lol it was good but the tomatoes were not real, they were those fake things we are forced to eat in winter. We came home and hit the sack. I was tired

This morning Jim and I had to go meet greg the leasing agent. The meeting went well, he is a nice guy, can see doing work with him for the next few years. We then went on a hunt for jamba juice and finally found a juice place the drink was a bit sweet… but still it was breakfast, Jim dropped me off at the top of the cove in La Quinta and I hiked up and over and then down, I went way too far, past where I was going to meet him so he had to drive around and find me,,lol it was my first time hiking up there but if we ever move here, I plan on hiking up there every day. We came home and I went out shopping with mom, I scored big time, went to steinmart, such fun! I also bought Jim some fricking awesome b day gifts. I have always loved shopping down here. After we got home Jim and I went to the pool and swam, sure felt good to swim and lay in the sun. I fell asleep. Oh last night I drempt that Yoshi met a guy named zach who was fun, cute and piratey…he ended up spending the night with her…too funny

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