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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Catching up

I never thought I would go so long without having to vent here, isnt that what a blog is for? Venting? Lets see, I last blogged about our trip to vegas, dont think I got to the best part of that trip, the drive through death valley and bristle cone, mono lake Bodie and Yosemite. We even spent a night at the ehwahanee.I think Every Californian needs to visit all those places every so often. Bodie is my favorite place to take pictures. I would love to be there for sunset just once. I always seem to be there at the height of sunlight, not the best light for interesting pictures. After we got home, I continued to drive Yoshi to school and hike in the mmwd. I am trying to cover all the trails on mt tam. I have found some beautiful places, some very steep climbs. hasnt done anything to kick my weight loss dream into reality but I do know I can climb hills and it feels good.
I took my daughter to see HIM and the band bleading through opened. they were a very typical headbanging metal ( I guess) screaming band. I did get a kick out of them though because in our game of thinking up wacky band names, One of my favorites it bloody gauze and bleeding through would make a great opening act for I have a new band name, "wool socks and birkenstocks" lol came to me because I have been knitting wool socks and discovered how freaking awesome they are paired with birkenstocks. I wear my wool socks all day long, makes the wood floor feel warm. Oh seeing Him was fun, My daughters friends are not fans and she figured I like him so I should take her. He is good, the band was tight, he didnt play every song we love but he did sing beautifully. I just wish he would knock off the smoking, he went through a whole pack in his act... makes my lungs hurt!. I had Thanksgiving here at my house this year and I am very proud of how well I did. It went off without a hitch! We had a willie bird which was fantastic, never going to cook anything but willie bird. Scott got it from work, I guess George Lucas knows how to treat his employees. The kids brought over rockband which is so much fun we played it for 8 hours and had a gas. I was a week into a cold and couldn't sing, which sucks still getting over this cold. been sick for almost a month...argh, I have done all my christmas shopping thanks to I do not understand people shopping on black friday...what the hey Jim and I are heading to Mexico in a few weeks, I asked my friends if they would like to help us donate some school supplies to a school near where we are staying and only one of them responded. They are all a bunch of raciest a holes who hate "mexicans" they think EVERY spanish speaker in the usa is Mexican, illegal and aiming to take over our country. pisses me off so much.... cant they see that if someone, a business offers spanish for its spanish speaking customers, it isnt because the spanish speakers are too lazy to learn english it is because the business wants to make more money. it reminds me of how the jews were targeted before ww2 in Germany, propaganda made them into the cause of anything bad, we are doing the same thing to mexicans and all other spanish speaking peoples. I used to work doing esl and I never met anyone who spoke spanish who didnt want to learn english, I also have never met a lazy "mexican" I know so many young families who have come here and made businesses for themselves worked their butts off and have been able to buy homes so many of the white trash kids I went to school with are still living in apartments...anyway I dont want to get too pissed today.... just hate stupid people who are paranoid and unkind. We saw Kathy Griffin last week. she was a riot, loved her and her new doo, back to natural curly hair, so much better for her face to have soft hair. ok thats enough cant wait for sweeny todd

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