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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Kings speech

we finally went to see the kings speech last night. I love movies but hardly ever get to the theater to see them. I do most of my movie watching at home thanks to netflix. I wanted to see the kings speech from the moment I heard Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were doing a movie together. Plus I love any movie about British Royalty. This one had a wonderful cast of some of the best actors I have ever seen. When I saw Helen Bonham Carter on the Craig Ferguson show and realized she had been cast as the young Queen mother I knew I just had to go and see it. Who knew I wasn't the only one? By the time we got into the theater all the seats were filled but the first three rows. Colin firth was amazing. His inability to get his thoughts out was painful but my absolutely favorite part was when he finally was to deliver the big war speech, when I heard the first notes of Beethoven's 7th I gasped! It is my favorite symphony. I was so enthralled with the beautiful match of the music to the speech I found myself holding my breath. Whoever thought of adding that piece with his speech is genius. When the last few notes faded off as the kings speech ended I wished I could rewind that scene and watch it again. I can't wait for it to come out on dvd! I will add that scene to my list of perfect scenes.

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