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Friday, January 28, 2011


This was an email I wrote this morning to a friend frustrated with not being able to keep organized. liked it so decided to repost it here.

I do love having things neatly put away. I dont know if I have ever had everything in its place for more than a few minutes though. Our tiny 1950's garage is full of shelves and each shelf has containers with all the supplies we need for whatever project we can think of. Everything from staples, ribbon to rubber stamps and fabric. My main problem is My daughter, the art student, self employed Jewelry creator, still living at home NEVER puts the lids back on and most of the time she pulls the containers half off the shelf, or plops them on the work table, removes the lid and sets it where it disappears. She is the type of creative who when she gets an idea she is like a tornado, grabbing bits and pieces from different containers and scattering them as she collects materials. She cant put anything away until she has finished.
Most times she will layer several projects, materials and ideas on the horizontal surfaces of my home before my nagging gets to her and she cleans in a huff! I am really good at finishing projects I start. If I just cant wait to start something new I store the older project in a clear bag. Put it in my bedroom where it will Nag me until I just have to finish it. I sometimes follow a rule that I cant start something new until I finish the project I am working on. I hate it when I do that because my heart will not be in it. I also will put everything away when I am done working at the end of the day. Sure wish my daughter would pick up on I love figuring out where new items go. Like items with like items. Its like a game.
Sally the frustrated not quite all the way organized mom


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Emily-Claire Ballou said...

Thank you for sharing! before I got married last April, I was running a jewelry business out of my parents' home and I saw a lot of myself in how you described your daughter! However, I have learned to organize since then and I ironically wrote this post recently:

I think some people just need a creative, messy space where they can have everything thrown about. I was never taught to put away a toy before getting a new one when I was a child... hmmm :)