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Saturday, August 18, 2007

lazy days of summer

Morning,I am still in bed, drinking an iced coffee and playing on my laptop. I have been in a lazy hazy mood these last few days. I really shouldn't be,my folks are coming for a visit, horizontal surfaces are in need of clearing, dinning room table has a sewing machine and a very large oil painting with all the accouterments. I have been clearing and tilling an area for my rose garden that I will plant in the winter. Been planing this for a while and now have an area, have removed several plants and a layer of bermuda grass, tilling it and raking it up. Apples continue to fall and I dry as many as I can, juiced up a container and I have made a few pies. I haver accepted that I will not use every apple that falls from this tree, although there is a very small ocd part of me that wants to use every single one, I cant keep up. Hundreds drop every day and I may use 12 or so.The weather is nice, I have the windows open and get nice cool breezes every so often. I just feel lazy and when I feel lazy all I want to do is eat junk food like ice cream and cake. I have been hoeing the poppies and weeds that have come up in the last few months..i go out and work in the garden for ten minutees and then come back to my laptop. Jim and I head out to New York in a few weeks, I am excited but also guarded. We have never been to New York before and we have no idea what we are going to do. I think over planning can kill a trip. I am most worried about HUMIDITY living in Northern california where there is no such thing it always takes me a few days to acclimate and I HATE IT....oh well I do want to go to the moma and the Guggenheim, I think my first step in visiting any city is checking out their best art museums. Jim thought it would be fun to rent a paddle boat in central park, I love that idea. we were going to see if we could get tickets to a broadway play, Pissed that grey gardens is ending before we get there. I was all gung hoe to see spring awakening but it will be coming to SF so we dont need to....I guess curtains is my next pick. we were going to go and see about cheep tickets and just take what we can get. We have seen almost everything that is on broadway right now. We figure we have been to many other large cities in the world and loved every one of them that odds are in our favor that we will love new york city too. I ran into a former student the other night and asked her what she has been up to, turns out she is moving to New York city to be a line chef at the hilton times square, hmmmm thats odd that where we will be staying....I will try to hook up maybe have a drink with her...Love seeing my students actually reaching their goals, I guess I did reach my goals, they were easy to get to....waiting for the next stage, the one where we have an empty nest, I think it will be a good stage. ghad this is so boring

ohhh last weekend I saw stardust, beautiful but of course there were a few things that were left out of the movie that I thought would have made it much better. I wish the line about the star giving her heart to tristin so the witch couldnt cut it out was left in, such a beautiful sentiment. We saw Avenue Q , had our usual good seats but had some fucking idiotic people next to us, the man who sat next to Jim couldn't sit still and his wife stuck her stinking foot on the balcony railing......I felt like such a snob but really you dont go to a broadway show and put your feet up...didnt help that I have this gag aversion to I mean it makes me sick to my stomach to see people touch their feet and then touch their faces....ewwww and she kept moving them and she wasn't keeping beat she was just cracked out.....blech disgusting....Poor Jim was closest to them....When we went to see stardust I was so happy to be in a crowd of people who know how to be in an audience. It was a screening for Lucas employees and they all stayed for all the credits, Man I just loved that and no one spoke through the whole movie except mandy and Yoshi but they were so quiet sitting next to them I couldn't hear them just knew they were commenting on their favorite book...lazy day today.... tomorrow we go to a winery for a private party, always like those.we still have two more Shakespeare plays to see this summer...I have some odd netflix, sweeny todd and how in the heck did that happen? I harvested a shitload of Anaheim peppers and made the best chili rellenos ever...and the extra egg whites I made a soufflé with peppers and jack cheese OMFG it was heaven...some a hole is doing LOUD yard work....fucking leaf blower....i hate weekends when all the other people in the neighborhood come out and disturb my oasis where is my ipod? OHHH john lennon's stuff is on itunes, had to buy a bunch...someday maybe the beatles stuff will be there, I am missing several albums....yawn,,,,,still in bed.....the dogs love it when I stay in bed all day. Jimis on callso he has to stay around the house, makes for a nice relaxing day.

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