Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Monday, August 6, 2007

#4 Bon voyage

Jim and I just did something we have never done before, we swam at the bon voyage party! There was a band playing all the classic stupid make people dance songs, village peoples ymca, the electric slide, we are family … but Jim and I grabbed some poolside chaise lounges and ordered some drinks (tasted like mai tais real acidic) and then we swam! The water was salt water and of course I was so buoyant…lol I loved it and did at least a dozen laps (it’s a small pool) and sat out with the sun on my face and just enjoyed the moment. We went under a giant bridge and waved at bikers who were waving at us, I didn’t have my camera and wish I did, there are some beautiful kids on this boat, it is such a diverse group, Germans, British, Americans Canadians. French, Asians everything and you know I just LOVE THAT, we had several sea planes fly over us, so cool. Now we are back in our cabin enjoying the view out on the veranda, the sound of the water is so soothing, constant, whishing. I love it, there are tall snow capped mountains and islands with beautiful houses , we have seen tugboats and log drifts. We are headed north and the sun is getting low.

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