Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Monday, August 6, 2007

#7 Ketchikan

Ketchikan, woke up at about 4:00 am and got out of bed to take a picture of the pink sky and the mountains. Went back to sleep but Jim was up at 5:00 or 5:30. I kept sleeping knowing I had to be out at the dock in Ketchikan at 6:50 Jim had to be out by 6:00 for his fishing trip. I ordered room service the night before and it arrived 25 minutes early! Who hoo, non fat plain yogurt cantaloupe, pineapple and green melon, coffee, just right. Jim left for his excursion and I took pics and cleaned up, I left for my excursion, which was Totem bight, clan house, the totem heritage center and fish hatchery. The weather , sunny and warm. Totem Bight was a bit out of town, beautiful rainforest, and there was a clan house native built out of cedar western red cedar and it smelled so good! The totem poles were interesting and the style of art was so beautiful Hmmm after walking around this beautiful flower surrounded park with the totem poles where we were told many fables of the natives and stories represented in the totems, we went to the fish hatchery where I was able to take some pictures of bald eagles before my camera batteries ran out. My back ups were on the bus. The hatchery is in the woods and just beautiful they care for injured bald eagles and we were able to get up close and personal. There were 30 old totem poles at this museum. The paint had been aged off. And the grain of the wood was more visible. The natives would make the paint by chewing up salmon eggs and mixing it with ground up pigment. It was so sunny and warm, I came back to the ship and had lunch, I found Jim and we met up with one of his fishing partners and we sat in the bar as the ship left Ketchikan. John Butler and his wife and their 17 year old son. We chatted a bunch and I discovered their son is a giant dr who fan. He also just loves harry potter and has read the books over and over. It is beautiful here and it has been warmer than we thought it would. I actually look like I got some sun. Jim caught with his group of three fishermen 14 fish! And he sent five of them home!

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