Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Friday, August 3, 2007

#1 North to Alaska

July 07 day one
We had a nice last dinner before our vacation, I barbequed some chicken and we sat out in the garden and drank a bottle of wine from Benzinger. Jim packed. We cleaned the house and went to bed. The dogs all slept with us. This morning when I woke up, moxie was still asleep and facing the wrong way. lol she knew we were heading out and she had that scared face like she had done something wrong. Especially when we removed all the pillows and comforters from the bed which we have to do so she won’t destroy them all. We covered the bed with a plastic tarp and that’s when she headed for the living room and sulked on the couch. Yoshis Rat looks like she isn’t going to be around much longer, she keeps having seizers, poor thing, she has such a sweet face. I don’t expect she will last through this week. We loaded up the car, drove to San Francisco airport. Going through TSA is the worst part of flying and this time it was pretty fast, the employees were all young and not disgruntled. I just love my new computer bag it really isn’t a computer bag but it holds my computer and my essentials which is great, it also is beautiful nice light green softest leather and made by liz Clairborn… I just adore it. We had breakfast in the airport. Jim had pizza and coke, SACREY I was good had yogurt with fruit and granola and a iced coffee. We are now on our flight to Vancouver. The flight is a short one. one and a half hours. There is a chance of showers. We will take a taxi to the cruise terminal. I can’t wait to see Vancouver again.

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