Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

#9 Davidson glacier

Next morning we woke up in Skagway. We woke up late because our excursion was later in the day. We walked to town and bought some souvenirs for everyone. I am trying to get things that are useful like socks for the girls and boxers for Scott. Jim found some nice hematite necklaces for his co workers. I bought some salt water taffy from this area. We went to a jewelry store and Jim bough me a turquoise necklace and earring set along with a silver chain and a turquoise pendant and a rose quartz pendent. My jewels for this trip. We came back to the cruise ship and off loaded our stuff and then we met the bus for our excursion, it was a funky old school bus, the driver was this young cool fun girl who reminded me of a sebetoski. She said is everyone here who is supposed to be? Alright lets roll and she drove real fast and said you guys are real lucky, this helicopter is going to lift a bunch of stuff right here from the road in front of us, it is stuff they bring up to the top of a glacier for a picnic, or the dog sled ride. It was six 55 gal drum barrels in groups of three and the helicopter lifted it up and flew right over us, our bus driver had let us out to take pics because as she said this is pretty cool and not everyone gets to see it. Off we went to the catamaran which was driven by captain Dan and we were introduced to Boris who was very personable and knowledgeable and we rode for 45 minutes to the Davidson glacier. We got out of the catamaran and met up with Linda who single handedly rolled the gang way down the rocky beach to the catamaran, dumping it over onto its which she was laughing about. We got off the boat, on a beautiful beach covered with strawberry plants and fireweed and blue berries and wild roses, OMG just beautiful. We got into more school buses drove for a minute or two.We were given rubber boots and life vests. We next hiked a short walk through the woods, the young woods as this area was under a glacier not too long ago, we reached a grey shoreline, the water was grey due to the glacier flour that is in the water. Glacier flour is the result of the weight of the glacier pushing, rubbing on the rock as it slowly moves and crushes the stone into powder. We were told how to get into the canoes and we went and got in and then we paddled out into this river and into a lake at the base of Davidson glacier. It was fantastic to get as close as we did the blues were so beautiful, we saw baby seagulls, and some mountain climber s who looked like tiny ants. We paddled around the lake and got lots of pictures of the glacier. Our canoe had a pair of Canadian’s, a pair of Scotts, a pair of Irish a pair of English and us the pair of Americans. What a great group! We had a wonderful time and it was sunny and warm even when we were being blasted by the winds from the glacier. We rode home, had dinner in the main restaurant hit the casino where Jim was selected by the manager and a winner of a tee shirt that says I am a winner ast the casino in the seas…lol actually I am the one who is the winner.

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