Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Friday, August 3, 2007

#2 champagne and strawberries

We are on the ship. We made record time getting off our plane, going through immigration, picking up our luggage, exchanging money and catching a taxi all took us less than 30 minutes. Our taxi drive through Vancouver to the ship was beautiful, our taxi driver was from Bangladesh he was great and got us to the ship in record time. Very smart driver,never got in a slow lane, knew how traffic worked. He said we had the least amount of luggage of anyone he had ever seen…lol Vancouver is a wonderful looking city maybe someday we will get a chance to really explore it. The houses are old and nicely landscaped, I saw moon flowers blooming in hedges. The city is young hip and urban, I could see Yoshi living here. We saw many nationalities represented in the restaurants we drove past. The funniest sight was a man on a motorcycle with a golden retriever in a side car. The dog was so excited, barking the whole way, we all laughed as we drove past It is humid which we didn’t expect. We got onto the ship after having to show our passports about five times…lol we landed in canada, went through imagration, rode a taxi, had to go back through immigration ...we are just one floor above the lifeboats. We got onto the elevator and we are just around the corner from the elevators and the atrium. We walk into the room and find a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries which we devoured as we hadn’t had any lunch…lol We have a balcony and we are midship sort of close to the bow… so far this is fun!

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