Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Monday, August 6, 2007

#8 Juneau

Juneau, well first last night we had sushi for dinner, it was ok and then we went to the casino and played the penny slots so much fun this morning we woke up in Juneau. We had omelets for breakfast and we went off the ship rode a bus to the center of town there is a tram that goes up to the top of the mountains, we bought our first decent cup of coffee this whole trip. We then found our tour group and we rode on a bus around juneau and took bunches of pictures then we went to mendehal glacier took more pictures and then we went to a chapel that had a great view, great place for a wedding. We just made it back on the ship and went to the 7 seas for lunch I had chocolate soufflé for desert and it was yummy. We came back to our room I napped and then we had anniversary cake and champagne for our anniversary. It was fun after cake we booged it up to the front of the ship where we stood for three hours as we rode up a fiord to see saywers glacier, it was really fantastic so beautiful but it was cold. We kept thinking we were going to see the glacier any time and we just kept on going up the fiord, winding left and right. There was somuch ice broke off the glacier that we didnt get right up to it was it still was fascinating to see the end of the fiord and this giant glacier wrapping around this mountain, we could see both ends of the glacier. Now we are getting ready for dinner it is our anniverasy and we are going to the French bistro. I need to get dressed.
We had a wonderful trip to sawyers glacier up tracy arm. For our anniversary dinner we went to the French Bistro, it was the richest food we have had so far. When we first went to sit down I noticed the plates, chargers, OMG they were my favorite china on earth! The verssachi plates we saw in Germany. I said to Jim would it be rude of me to lift this plate up to see if for sure it is the versacci plates that I love? He said no. Dinner was excelant, I had a scallop and shrimp martini, escargot which the waiter said isn’t ordered very often (OMG they were the best I have ever had) my entrée was a shrimp encrusted salmon wth some kind of creamy rich French sauce, It was the first meal I have had that made me feel over full. We had a bottle of champagne and after dinner we were given a free bottle of wine which we still have in our fridge. While we were eating we were still going back down the tracy arm so we were seeing ice bergs and Jim actually saw a whale breach in our wake. We went to the casino and once again we did real well on those penny slots. I just love them! This casino is the best casino I have ever been to on a cruise ship.

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