Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Monday, August 6, 2007

#6 hammered time

Today was a day at sea, or really a day of islands. I woke up early to a sunrise that made the sky silver, we were pretty far away from any land but still could see it. Jim and I had breakfast in a nicer restaurant, I had oatmeal yogurt and cantalope trying to be good,,Jim had eggs benedict, omg looked so fricking good. We came back to our rooms and spent the morning on our balcony watching the islands get closer and closer, we saw at least 50 dolphins and didn’t manage to capture a single shot of one, I should have tried a movie. We are traveling up the inside passage and our ship is one of the largest allowed to do it. The nature is amazing, think forrest and rocks and tall granite mts some snow capped and waterfalls everywhere. We have seen several bald eagles, I just love my new binoculars Jim thinks he saw a bear and I know I saw an otter. I was looking at a bald eagle which are easy to spot just look for white balls and I saw beneath one a sleek otter running up over the rocks. It is so desolate, the wilderness just goes on and on. Fantastic! We are off to dinner now and some healthy place tomorrow we are up early. Jim has a fishing trip and I have an excursion I think to see eagles…cant remember
Dinner was a blast we went to the place we had reservations at and he told us that tonight they had lobster at the other restaurants and we would like that so we went lol and we ended up sitting next to a couple from England who were awesome and we talked to them the whole dinner, it was so much fun he said they lived n the town where the woman warrior boddicia burnet down some priests fortress, anyway they were nice and we had fun, after dinner we went to the casino and I won almost 400 dollars whoo hoo Jim is mad but hey cant touch this…I have had hammer time stuck in my head all night bom chick a boom…cant touch this we have two adventures tomorrow Jim goes fishing and I do something Anyway I am off to upload my pics,,, ta ta I must remember to bring my camera and take lots of pics the typos in this are so bad hmmm cant have anything to do with all the cosmos I drank whooo hoooo
Cant touch this…boom bom bom boom
Hammer time

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