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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sat Morning

Morning! Siting here in bed with my laptop and my tall iced coffee. Just about to go outside and get watering. I have a whole station that isnt being watered anymore, need to call my brother about that. Beautiful day! Jim is down south clearing out our house so we can try renting it again,,, we have had some bad luck with tenets but we know we will eventually get someone in there who will love the place as much as we do. I am going to re work my shade cloth cover for my lettuce bed which is just pumping out the yummie salads! I will also work on removing the paint from my redwood table and maybe even paint the front door now that our cat who scratched it to shreds has moved in with another family (why cant Nimbus do that too?) There are several art things going on this weekend and I will go to the italiaN STREET PAINTING FESTIVAL IN SAN RAFAEL. I JUT GO NUTS TAKING PICS THERE AND THIS YEAR I HAVE SOME IDEAS TO USE THE PHOTOS FOR SOME ART...HMMMM shit caps...Already read all my e mail, and sent a bunch too. Last night I went to Rosies site and watched her talkie blog with Ross... I just love them both! I realize now that my whole life, the entertainment I love the most is real people just talking about nothing. I am so sick of scripted stuff I just cant listen to it....bad acting ...bad writing... argh!!!! The Alex Bennett show, back in the day, fresh non scripted interesting and funny, even when I loved watching regis filbin when he had a dumb ass show on lifetime, it was because he was real ad-lib....thats why I liked the rosie o donnell show and why I liked her on the view and it is also why I LOVE to watch stupid video blogs...real people talking about real stuff...sigh Time for me to cook breakfast... omelet with avocado, btw I am addicted to lolcats

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