Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Friday, June 8, 2007


morning, Still in bed, drinking my coffee. It is quiet outside, just a few birds tweeting away. No more mockingbirds. We had a pair that decided to build a nest in the arbor that is on the patio. We saw everything, Yoshi took pics of them building their nests. We stood in the kitchen and watched them every day for weeks, they built the nest, and then the male stood guard from the neighbors antenna (still dont know why he has an antenna when he has satellite) We watched until we saw the parents feeding their young, we watched as they dive bombed anything that was a threat, the dogs the cat, me..... and we watched as the young buggers decided the jump out of the nest way too soon, I picked them up from the garden and put them back in their nest, the winds came and the babiescouldnt sit still, they popped out of the nest and were blown off the arbor.The parents became frantic and spent days screaming at anyone who stepped into the garden. The babies couldnt fly and just ran nilly willy across the yard. After putting them back into the nest several times I gave up. I saw one be taken by other birds. Jim found one he thinks maybe the dogs killed. I just dont understand how any birds can survive and I sure wish they had built their nest where I didnt have to see what was going on with them every day. meanwhile I now have a sign for my garden stating that it is a wildlife habitat. We have towhees nesting and a pair of house finches, hopefully these two pairs can raise some babies.

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