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Friday, June 29, 2007

June 29th

Today is a big day for many. June 29th, Sicko comes out, the iphone comes out and Jim and I get to go to a concert! I would love to go see sicko the day of its opening but concerts are better. I have always loved Michael Moores work since roger and me. I hated the back lash after 9/11. I remember my parents started saying all kinds of crap, actually I think it was bowling for columbine that they didnt like. that was before I understood the fox bran washing and dirt slinging on anyone who dares to not follow. So far the reviews on sicko look like pretty much everyone loves it,,,just wait for the twisting and slinging... the iphone...sigh, itis a sexy number, so shinny and smart and hot..but alas I cannot convince myself that I NEED one. sure it is amazing and it can do anything, jay leno joked it can even trim your nose hair, but, I use my cell phone maybe once a day. I have a brand new 30 gb i pod with plenty of room for my need for music, my cute lill ibook is portable enough for me when I am not in my house. Maybe if I needed the convenience of a iphone due to my work (i dont work) I could convince myself to buy one. I do think it would be great for traveling. still there are things I dont know about it. I guess you can upload pics from a camera directly to it, which would be helpful on those vacations where I take a ton of pics... I dont know how much storrage it has, it better be a lot, how large an ipod storage is there, I did try to watch the demo video but halfway up and shut my puter...oops.anyway I am very excited about the iphone not because I want one but because I just love the interface and see that leaking into other areas of tech. Jim and I go to the true colors concert tonight! it should be a blast. I made him a cd of some of the music that we will hear, just so he isnt so green. I remember years ago we tried to see blondie but the tickets were sold out...rumors of Rosie O donnell being there, cant wait to see. I would love it if she was. I have always loved her and just dont get peoples hatred. I think it is all those Christians who turned on her when she came out. Everything she does gets twisted around by these hateful people. It is amazing, you know if she was a hot skinny bombshell straight woman, she wouldnt be getting any of this b.s. Our country hates anyone who stands up and trues to go against the flow. The more hatred I see coming from Christians the more I dont believe in anything they say. It is amazing to me how many people just believe because they are told that if they dont they will burn in hell...the biggest bribe in history.
My migraine is gone, yeah so maybe I will get something done around here today. I have some daylilies to move to the front garden, my onions have been harvested and they are so freaking beautiful! I still havent finished my table, need tobuy somekind of wood sealer for it. It is so nice...oops I used a dead word. Well I am off to be mom the taxi.

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