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Thursday, June 7, 2007

New blog

I have been frustrated by my lack of control over my blog on Yahoo due to my using a cute i book, and Yahoo not having a text tool bar available to me on my cute i book. My pc is ill, and my son is too busy to rebuild it again... So google Please be the one for me. Ahhh I am going through Rosie withdrawal. I have tried to watch the view but I just cant sit there. Yesterday was the last straw, hearing an adult woman say she doesn't believe in evolution... I was gob-smacked. Tried getting my fix from Rosies blog but it looks like she is taking a break, Did my usual dog walk this morning,I took the dogs for the three mile walk on the levees. We saw lots of geese, ducks and even a few pelicans. Moxie has become a bird huntress and a real pesky one at that. she ignored me when I called her, she was at the waters edge thinking about going after some birds, I called her and shse looked at me and continued to go in the opposite direction.,,,,OMG want to piss mommy off? thats exactly how to do it. so I had to put her back on her leash, gave her the evil eye too (I am so mean). We had a nice walk and I collected some geese feathers for my friend. I will send her a box full of bones and feathers and what not for her indian art. it is going to be a beautiful day blue skys sun and NO WIND!!!!! I hate to be a picky princess but I am. I just love beautiful Northern California weather when it is perfect. I become a terrible bitch when it is windy and I cant go sit in the garden and do some reading. which reminds me, I finished the god delusion yesterday, Lots of good stuff in there.... Scott and Mandy moved in together last weekend, well I mean they got a place of their own last weekend. I am so happy and excited for them! but already people are pestering me about them getting married... I just dont get it, they have been together for over 5 years and now because they are not living with us or Mandys parents everyone is asking if they will be married soon... whats with that? and while I am complaining about other people sticking their noses in my business now that my daughter is 18 and is talking about getting a tattoo I am getting all kinds of advice about how I should tell her this and that and try to stop her. She is 18 and is an adult and she also is a very smart person, can easily see repercussions and has decided that this is something that she wants to do... so why is everyone on me? She isnt going to get her face tattooed or a stupid tramp stamp......its 11:30, cant wait for lunch time, I am going to Tommys for some fish tacos, been craving them all morning. alright now let me see what I can do here

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