Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Saturday, June 23, 2007

laying low

After tuesday nights concert, I kind of just hung out doing nothing all week. Watered the garden, ate popsicles I uploaded all of Yoshis pictures onto my computer, and then she couldnt get them to upload on hers OMG I thought I had done something but turns out it wasnt me. meanwhile I burned all her images onto cds took fricking four cds! just in case she couldnt get her camera to upload onto her computer. Her memory card is HUGE.I uploaded them onto flickr, made sure to title them all with these pics were taken by my daughter. I found the guy who was sitting behind us at the concert on too funny. I have a crush on Dave Kilminster, the guitarist for Roger Waters. Now my fantasy is to see him play with David Gilmore... he copied his playing and singing flawlessly. I am thinking of making a poster of the concert. I do love the mosaic look to these. The pic today is the mock up that I had dpne.Not sure if this is the final product or not. I need to tweek my pics more maybe use less than 500 Jim and I are heading out to the Mantanza Creek winery today. They are having a wine tasting party, should be some good music there. I am bringing my camera...surprise. I was told by someone this week that I take a lot of if that was a bad thing....sigh well life is too short not to document every last beautiful second

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