Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Monday, June 25, 2007


Nice weekend, went to the days of wine and roses at Mantanza creek winery. It was a nice day, the sun was out and the wine was good. The trees were decorated with umbrellas tied with ribbons and bunches of lavenderThey had a wonderful tasty spread, grilled lamb, yogurt cucumber dressing, several salads. I took a bunch of pictures, duh, they are up on my flickr. Today was my favorite day of the week ... I usually get something done on Mondays. I picked up my new glasses, very cool, stopped at Target and bought several more lavender plants. My garden is at its peak right now, If I blink I miss something, the Cherrys and Blueberries all were stolen by the birds. the plums and apricots are just now ripe. I gorged myself on apricots for breakfast. I dont know what to do with the plums, dont want to make more jelly , I never use it. We had fried zucchini tonight, the italian style where you slice it thin and fry it in olive oil drain and salt,,, so fricking good. We are still getting tons of lettuce, and peas and have had a few cukes. I maDE A NICE SALAD AND TOSSED A HAND FULL OF THOSE WONDERFUL OREGON SUGAR POD PEAS ... I noticed the peppers are coming along as are the tomatoes. I love having a garden full of fresh produce. It is so much easier for me to go into the garden to figure out whats for dinner than to go into a grocery store. I planted 12 lavender plants around the garden today. I want every sunny spot with room to have one. The tickets for the true colors concert arrived today. I feel like I am doing a whole retro music thing this last month. The police, Roger waters, and now Debbie Harry and Cindy and the fair is having pat benitar and kc and the sunshine band along with the whalers and the village people....too much, it is like having all those 8 tracks back....actually I never had any village people....and my kc and the sunshine band was vinyl lol I have some netflix to watch, Jim will get bored though ...good neighbors the old bbc show.... ghad I love that!

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