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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Roger Waters

I am exhausted today. I spent the best night of my life last night. We went to see Roger Waters and this time we had real good seats. I tell you it was the best live entertainment I have ever seen. I am exhausted. Yoshi snuck her camera in and took over 1,000 photos (thats my girl) and I have edited them down to 500 so It takes I have a new crush on this guitar player, Dave Kilminster. He is the best guitarist I have ever heard. Yoshi must have liked him too because she took hundreds of pictures of him. We had so much fun. Roger waters is very political and he whipped the crowd into showing their suport. They flew an astronaut in a space suit over the crowd and of course the giant inflatable pig made its trip around. it said "torture shames us all, all religions divide, impeach bush, habeus corpus matters, fear builds walls". same thing it said last The sound was fantastic, the lights, the film projection, pyrotechnics, confeti, laser through the prism creating a rainbow--just wow. The crowd was once again so happy and friendly. I tell you it feels so great to get out there and see what people really are feeling.Tv has it all wrong folks.There is no church, religion, cult, club, or organization on earth that can even come close to what this music means to me. Sure was awesome to see and hear so many other people who you could tell felt the same way. I think about all the people around the world who will see this tour. Music truly is universal. Peace out...

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edb said...

Great review. So where can I see those 500 pics???