Sarahracha rhymes with "Frère Jacques"

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Stupid me didnt think I could bring my camera so I spent the whole night making up fake compositions in my head. This is a picture I found on flicker and wow it sure is a pretty one. No way I could have ever taken this we were as far away from the stage as 50 bucks can get you. It was really a fun concert. Much more fun than watching my youngest child graduate from Highschool..which we and she blew the old fart in me came out. First of all I dont get why people dont listen to the music... I was totally into the zone digging the colors of the light show and sounds and was interrupted dozens of times by people walking past my seat... whats with that? We also ended up with a group of young women sitting behind us who talked the whole time...I mean they didnt shut up the whole concert. All five of them talked at once on their cell phones and to eachother.Yoshi says they are people who go to concerts just so they can say they went to a concert. Yoshi was pleasantly surprised by the opening bands although it was obvious the sound system didnt do them any favors. One was fictionplane which stings son is in...and you could tell, his voice was just like daddys. the other was something that rhymes with the kellies. I will find out because.. eh hem apparently I downloaded their latest album last night...I have to get that child of mine to create her own itunes account.I want some other old favs to I missed out on a lot of rock and roll during the lean years when I was home changing diapers....OHH I am so excited... Spring awakening is coming to SanFrancisco!!!!!!! It is hot today, need to go jump in the pool, my poor garden is wilted

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